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Our Baby classes are the start of building confidence in the water with a focus on safety and fun. 

Our trained teachers are here to help babies of all ages feel happy in the water through songs, rhymes and gentle activities as well as providing support to the parents, teaching them correct holds and showing them how to be safe in and around water.


Babies learn through repetition and word association so all of our lessons will have elements that babies will have done before as well as new, fun things too!


Keywords and actions will be introduced along the way to build your babies confidence and ability in the water through all their developmental stages.


Babies can be curious yet cautious and we like to encourage them to explore the water at their own pace. Various submersion techniques will be introduced in a safe and informative way, always making sure your little one is happy in the water. 

If you want any more information about our classes, please call/email us so we may answer any questions you have and book a trial.

Baby Swimming, Aaquatics
Aaquatics Baby Group Lessons

Your Lesson:

You will need to arrive 15 mins before your lesson is due to start where you will be greeted by a member of our team. 

Please bring a swimming nappy + baby costume - your child must wear a swim nappy to be able to participate in the lesson. You can purchase these through our link to amazon here.

Please do not feed your baby for an hour before the lesson to avoid any accidents in the water. Photography is strictly prohibited anywhere in the venue due to safeguarding laws in the UK and the personal privacy of others.

Most importantly, please enjoy your lesson with us! Ask questions and have fun.

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