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1 to 1 Lessons

Our 1:1 teachers will help your child through the National Plan for Teaching Swimming stages from duckling through to stage 7 where certificates will recognise their achievements along the way. Our lessons are uniquely tailored to each individual child – working on the fundamentals of swimming in the beginning and the fine technique towards the end to help your child become a strong and able swimmer.


Your child will learn stroke technique, underwater skills, safety skills and water confidence; everything needed to gain one of the most essential life skills for their later life.


Swimming is a great form of exercise as it is non-impactive and it could be a vital safety skill to know. This is why our lessons are aimed at producing strong swimmers, and if you and your child choose, can lead on to club swimming and even competitive swimming.


A child will normally start 1:1 lessons around age 4 (depending on previous ability and comprehension skills).


If you would like more information and to book a trial lesson please get in touch with us!

Aaquatics Learning to Swim
Aaquatics 1 to 1 Lessons

Your Lesson:

You will need to arrive 15 mins before your lesson is due to start where you will be greeted by a member of our team. 

Please bring a swim costume + goggles (and a swim hat if your child has long hair). You can purchase these through our link to amazon here.

Please do not feed your baby for an hour before the lesson to avoid any accidents in the water. Photography is strictly prohibited anywhere in the venue due to safeguarding laws in the UK and the personal privacy of others.

Most importantly, please enjoy your lesson with us! Ask questions and have fun.

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