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Adult Lessons

Learning to swim as an adult can often be something a person has thought about for a long time but may not have had the time, the confidence or the right opportunity to do so. We also recognise that sometimes there can be a fear behind the reason a person may not enjoy swimming.


Adam, our coach, has had years of experience helping adults to achieve a goal that they have set for themselves in learning to swim. Whether you may want to build water confidence so you may swim with your children on holiday comfortably, learn to swim for health or fitness reasons or you are looking to develop your swimming ability from the level you are already at – everything is possible!


The lesson will take place in a 1:1 format with Adam, as this allows fast progress with great results in a private and individualised session. All abilities and ages are welcome and if you have any special health concerns we can certainly accommodate you.


If you would like more information or to speak to someone about what we can offer you please get in touch with us!

Aaquatics Adult Lessons
Aaquatics Adults Learning Swimming
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